Machines & Step-by-step process

Signature Stone have the latest in stone processing technology to give us a second to none finished product no matter size or shape.

  • Templating: Every job that comes through Signature Stone Qld is recommended to be measured by one of our experienced measurers using different methods like 3D – 2D Digital templating and then cross checking manually to give us the best fit possible. One of our measuring staff will come to site and discuss all your needs for you kitchen including sink and hotplate positioning, over hangs, join positions and anything else you would like to include.
  • Plans: Once your job has been measured you will receive a phone call from one of our friendly office staff who will organise an installation date. From that your job will enter production by being drawn up in our CAD program that all our machines can read.
  • CNC Saw: The program is then loaded in to the saw where it takes an image of your slab where our saw operator can place each piece of your kitchen to best match grain if need and get optimal usage to save you in product costs.
  • Automated polisher: When your job has been cut it is checked against the original plan then loaded in to our polisher where a 7 step polishing program gives a mirror finish ever time. It is then dried and checked for any defects and then passed on to our finishing staff.
  • CNC Flatbed: Any under mount sinks, flush mount sinks and flush mount hot plates as well as any premium edging Inc. triple pencil round, lambs tongue, half bull nose and sharks nose will be carried out using this machine with unbeatable edging finishes and pin point cut outs giving you the best fit and finish with your sinks and hot plate.
  • Quality Control: When your job is ready it is cleaned and thoroughly checked to catch anything that is not up to our high standards, if something is found it is sent back to be fixed or a new piece will be made.
  • Install: Once passed by quality control it is on its way to your home. Our friendly installation crew will arrive on the day pre organised with you to carry out the installation with no mess or fuss. Once installed and cleaned you will have a chance to inspect the fit and finish and make sure you are 100% happy.


Your sink provides a practical and stylish touch, and serves as an essential feature of your new kitchen. With so many models available, you might have trouble knowing how to find the one that best suits your needs. When choosing a kitchen sink, consider the following:

  • The look and function: There are three different styles of sinks: Inset, Undermount and Flushmount. Each has a variety of options to suit different needs.
  • The benchtop: The type of bench top material and the available space influences the kitchen sink model.
  • The quality: Consider the grade of steel, sound insulation and sink thickness. Remember your sink gets used several times a day for an average of fifteen years.


Inset Sink

Inset sinks are dropped into the bench-top from above. The sink and drainer are combined.
Pro: This sink model is durable. If pots and pans hit the internal edge of the sink they do not damage to the bench-top.
Con: There is a lip top of the bench-top which may not always be visually desirable.


Under mount Sink

Undermount sinks are slung from underneath the bench-top, so the cut out on the bench-top is cut and polished perfectly. The sink sits neatly underneath.
Pro: Undermount sinks are sleek and stylish and provide extra bench space.
Con: The internal edge of the sink is exposed and susceptible to being damaged by rough usage.


Flush Mount Sink

Flushmount sinks as the name suggests sit flush to the bench-top. The cut out needs to be cut precisely for the sink to snuggly fit in. These are relatively new to the market and need to be fitted precisely to give the maximum streamlined effect.


* undermount and flushmount sinks cost a few more hundred dollars for the actual cut out of stone, plus the sink models tend to be higher in price.

Sink Profiles

Edge Profiles

Edge Profiles

Slab Size

The maximum available size varies from stone to stone. The different sizes that are available are as follows:

  • 3020 mm x 1500 mm - A few selected colors of man made stone are available in this size.
  • 3020 mm x 1400 mm - All varieties of the man made stone are available in this size.
  • 3200 mm x 1900 mm - Most of the natural granite and marble varieties are available in this size. This is longer and wider than the above sizes. Though being natural products the sizes may vary.